Yolo Group Suur-Patarei 13 Tallinn

Theoretical training of YOLO Group mandatory evacuation- and fire training drill.

This training is a theoretical training for the annual evacuation- and fire training drill at YOLO Group office located at Suur-Patarei 13 Tallinn. Training is mandatory at least once a year for all employees of YOLO Group office emploees located at Suur-Patarei 13 Tallinn and other users of the building.

According to the annex to the regulation of the Minister of the Interior, the main topics of the training are:
Topic 1. Fire safety awareness
Topic 2. Evacuation
Topic 3. Behavior and action in case of fire

Introduction to course
Fire safety and prevention
Action in case of fire
Using a fire extinguisher

How to use a fire extinguisher without compromising your safety.

How will help reach you?
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